The paper advertising is not going to disappear!

The paper advertising is not going to disappear!

On a background of humorous history, let's restore some morale to printers and all those who continue to advertise on paper. I do not think it's going to disappear like the press and paper books.

If all digital attempts to break into every story, there is a reason for that! Analyze profiles, peel each fact and gesture of Internet users to better target them, to force them to consume and even to emerge needs that do not exist at the base.

In sum! to interfere in the lives of people to recover data that will still be used to sell ... how far will this intrusive universe end?

Yet a few years ago, and it is not that far, it was very easily plagued on paper, like the magazine that showed us advertising on every page turned, or the stack of advertising catalogs that flooded our mailbox.

Of course they are still there but it is clear that times change and think about it, we can have fun comparing digital advertising and advertising on paper.

General printing

Let's see the good side of things around paper advertising by making a small parallel with digital!

Paper advertising versus email advertising

I really like to compare what you can get in your mailbox as advertising media, facing the number of emails that we receive day after day. If I were given the choice today, it would be a net back a few years back where there was nothing digital in the action of putting a flyer in the trash.

Today you have to look for an unsubscribe link to make it clear to the sender, that you do not want to receive what you have never solicited in part ... it could nevertheless be a good point in front of the paper ad.

Then in your mailbox, you finally have 2 baskets, one where you sometimes have to put your hands in! The famous spam box, the one where there is always an important email that will deviate from its trajectory to the wrong destination.

Paper ads versus ads by email

And there misery! it is a mass of spam waiting for you and a meticulous sorting not to put in the trash (that's the second box) the wrong mail. Once found you transfer it to the right place, that is to say in your destination box.

Imagine the beautiful scene next to your paper mailbox! You would not have one but 2 boxes: the original box and the spam box. The basket on it would be a little further. Say your factor from time to time would consider a good mail as spam and put it in the wrong box.

You then open the spam box by doing your little sort ... with you by the many owners and / or tenants of the place. What to tell beautiful stories IRL around advertising.

I do not tell you the 100 to 200 mails received a day if you had to compare them to the paper mails received!

It is all the same with the digital that we realize the extent of the phenomenon, infobésité, excessive tracking, overconsumption, programmed obsolescence ... everything is done to consume beyond our real needs.

Did paper advertising have a hold on the consumer, such as the online advertising that we use every time we visit a website?

The paper should still have good days in front of him between books and communication print!